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Create Money Online

Making Money Online is easy provided one knows where to look for it. Internet is full of thousands of resources for Making Money Online but most of them are scams. It is difficult to identify the legit ones from the scam ones. It is just like one has to dig through tons of dirt to get an ounce of Gold.

We have however made it easy for you by highlighting some of the resources below which are known to work:

The money is remitted by these sites to your Bank account via wire transfer, Paypal or Payoneer account, etc. The requirement is just  an Internet Connection, email account like Gmail and daily 1-2 hours of your time to surf.

We will discuss more in depth about such methods below:

PTC sites
The PTC sites or alternatively called as Paid to Click sites are websites which pay their members for clicking ads on their websites and viewing it for sometime. Some of the PTC websites also offer additional tasks of Taking Surveys, Completing Tasks and Surfing the net. The money will be  paid by the PTC websites once you reach the minimum threshold defined by them. Below are the leading PTC sites for your reference:

One should keep in mind that  not all PTC websites are legitimate and most of them close in a short span of time. So it is better to join only the PTC websites which have been there in existence since many years and pay regularly to their members.

Micro Jobs
Micro jobs are small time jobs that don't take much time to complete. Some of the jobs can be email sign ups, You Tube views, twitter followers etc. Depending on the task assigned by these job sites, one  can make US$1 to multiple dollars also per task sitting at the comfort of their home.

The buyer posts the jobs on Micro Jobs sites. The user can choose the job depending on his area of expertise and can choose the job and accordingly complete the same. Once buyer verifies that the user has done his job, he remits the money to the user via those jobs sites. The payment is usually done via Paypal. Below are the leading Micro Jobs sites.

Below are the leading Freelance Job sites which have vast collection of jobs and are known to pay several hundred dollars to the Job seekers on successful work completion. 

Captcha work
Captcha  work involves completing basic captcha tasks.  You  just require basic typing skills. Also, a typing speed of minimum 10 words to 15 words per minute should be good to go.

Some of the  leading Captcha sites are as below. The job seeker just need to register with the same, follow the jobs given and start making money online from the comfort of your home. The minimum Payout usually starts from US$2 onwards for some sites.

Online surveys
Online surveys are a good option of making lots of money online. You just need to do surveys and get paid for your opinion. Different sites have different Payment threshold ans usually pay by Paypal, Gift cards or E-Vouchers. One can expect to make on an average US$100 per month or more by doing such surveys. Below are the leading PAID Surveys sites which are known to pay regularly upon users reaching payment threshold.

Content Writing Sites
In case you are good at writing Content then you may explore the following sites also:



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